It is often forgotten what these anglo lands have to offer; rich history, beautiful sights, and friendly people. That’s why we started Reach for the Beach, to reinvest in the beauty that England has to offer.

With two locations: one in North Cornwall and the other in South Devon, we believe our holiday homes offer the medium to fall back in love with your home country. As the experiences you’ll encounter, they’ll refresh your brain, refresh your spirit – they’ll refresh you.

This is what we experienced when we first came here.

Upon experiencing such a rush, we had a simple yet crystallizing thought: we have to spread this experience. And that’s when we thought of Reach for the Beach.

For us, Reach for the Beach is a service, yes, but more than that, it’s an opportunity. An opportunity we were lucky to come across, and an opportunity that you’ll hopefully seize.

Today we’re going to run through the very activities that made us fall in love with these parts of the country. Hopefully they’ll enable you to envision your stay here too.

North Cornwall, Padstow


There aren’t many experiences quite like surfing. The thrill of being in the sea, sun (or rain) on your back, catching (or getting destroyed) by the waves, either way it’s an exhilarating happening.

If you’d like to crash on the waves; no worries, hire a surfboard and hit the sea! For those who want to learn, there are many schools near our North Cornwall home. Padstow, due to it’s propitious location, is considered a surfing village. When staying with us, grab a lesson from our friends at Waves. They’ll teach you the ropes!

The Rumps

The Rumps embody the beauty that we spoke of at the beginning of this article. These specific lands are where you’ll fall in love. Where you’ll find yourself refreshed. After leaving, you’ll only want to return. And it’s only a short drive from our home, so you can return the next day if you so wish! Perfect.

Japanese Gardens at St. Mawgan

Only a 20 minute drive away, these gardens will make you feel as if you’re in faraway lands. They’ll give your eyes something new to look at, whilst being a somewhat cheap experience. Here’s a glimpse at what’s there:

There are also a fair few pubs nearby, so you can really make a day of it!

South Devon, Hope Cove

Boat Hire

Hit the seas with your family!

We’re aware not all can surf, so why not hire a boat? Hiring a boat is a great way to get out to the open sea; to call it a soothing experience is an understatement.

You can hire one with our friends Whitestrand. Their prices are great and they’re friendly people too! Just like we promised in the opening statement!

Hit the Great English Pubs!

Hope Cove is thrive with quaint eateries.

As Hope Cove is also considered a fishing area, you can also eat some of the best seafood you’ll ever lay your eyes, mouth, tongue, and stomach on! We personally recommend the Hope & Anchor.


Really get into the swing of things and score yourself a fish or two. It has been said that fishing is somewhat of an ethereal experience, almost like meditation. Nothing other than waiting turns the task into that of a sensual nature. We just think it’s real fun when you catch a fish! But who’s to judge, perhaps you’re more at one with the earth than us.

So there you have it. These are the experiences that captured our hearts, maybe they’ll capture yours too. Why not book a stay and find out! Contact us on 02476620334